Module: Redirect Page

Events: Submitted by Wade on 29-Jun-09 at 10:25pm

Here is a simple module that will redirect the zombies' pages to an arbitrary location. The location is set in the module configuration page BeEF - simply enter the URL, select the target zombies and click send.

Browser Caching Attacks

Events: Submitted by Wade on 12-Jun-09 at 12:46am

RSnake has a writeup of his technique for exploiting web browser caching to attack RFC1918 networks. The attack uses persistent JavaScript backdoors, long-term browser caching and RFC1918 collisions.

Module: Firefox Keygen DoS PoC

Events: Submitted by Wade on 03-Jun-09 at 02:43am

Download the latest BeEF module that will demonstrate kengen DoS in Firefox. Decompress the module into the 'module/symmetric' directory and the option in the menu will become available.