Coffee Machine Etiquette

Rants: Submitted by Dave on 23-Mar-06 at 06:49pm

I'm on site for the next few weeks. So, ok, their building, their rules, but damn these people have no concept of coffee machine etiquette.

Coffee machine etiquette goes like this: the person that empties the pot brews the next pot. It's simple, it works, and it means I never have to wait around for a cup of coffee...

Every time I went to the coffee machine yesterday it was empty. I brewed five pots of coffee yesterday and managed to get two cups of coffee. Ok, so some of that is my fault wandering off while it's brewing and then forgetting about it, but am I the only one in the entire building that knows who to use the coffee machine?

So now, after I've hit the start button on the machine, I figure I have one of two options:

  1. Head back to the office and set some sort of alarm to remind myself that coffee will be ready in five minutes, or,
  2. Stand in front of the coffee machine, vigorously defending my coffee from anyone attempting to steal it...