Echo Mirage 2.0 Preview

Site News: Submitted by Dave on 09-Jan-07 at 07:47am

For those that like playing with danger, here's a preview of Echo Mirage 2.0.

Changes include:

  • Updated user interface
  • Rewrite of hooking code to get access to more information. Protocol, source and destination details should be available for must Winsock functions. This also means that PCap log files are much more accurate.
  • Hook child procsses (completely untested!)

Drop me a line if you run into any problems (Let the deluge begin...)

Odysseus 2.0 & Telemachus 1.0 Released

Site News: Submitted by Dave on 16-Dec-06 at 01:28pm

Well, after much procrastination, Odysseus 2.0 & Telemachus 1.0 are now available for download.

And that's all I have to say about that...

Echo Mirage 1.2 Released

Site News: Submitted by Dave on 04-Nov-06 at 10:44am

Echo Mirage 1.2 has been released...

New features and usability enhancements.

Echo Mirage 1.1 Released

Site News: Submitted by Dave on 23-Sep-06 at 07:47pm

Echo Mirage 1.1 has been released...

More hooks, less crashes.

Go on, you know you want to....


Events: Submitted by Dave on 02-Aug-06 at 06:57am

I'm in Las Vegas for Blackhat and Defcon this week.

Drop me a line if you want to catch up for a drink or two...

Coder & ScreenShooter Released

Site News: Submitted by Dave on 23-Jul-06 at 08:18am

A couple of little Windows tools for your perusal..

Coder allows you to encode and decode data with a range of encoding schemes and ScreenShooter takes and collates screen shots.

Real Music

Personal: Submitted by Dave on 09-Jul-06 at 11:12am

Roadstar and The Answer. Just do it...

ETrace 1.1 Released

Site News: Submitted by Dave on 08-Jul-06 at 06:17pm

ETrace 1.1 has finally been released (get the goodness here). I say finally, not because you've all been stuck with version 1.0, but because this is the first time any version of ETrace has been publicly released.

ETrace was born back in 2001, created by the fertile (and often twisted) minds of the folks in ISS X-Force Security Assessment Services.

Glyn Geoghegan provided the original idea and, once the initial version was up and running, David Morgan then provided some of the most detailed feedback ever seen.

So there it is. Thanks Glyn, thanks Dave...

Please leave me alone now.

Relative Absoluteness

Technology: Submitted by Dave on 03-Apr-06 at 01:00am

HTML/CSS positioning has always had be pulling my hair out, with absolute positioning being the largest threat to my coiffure.

Well, today I found an excellent artical on all aspects of CSS positioning at Here's the excerpt that finally made everthing make sense to me:

The containing block of an absolutely positioned element is defined a little differently than it is for other elements. The containing block for an absolutely positioned element is established by its closest, positioned ancestor. That is, the nearest element outside it that has a position of absolute, relative or fixed. If there is no such ancestor element, the initial containing block (the browser window) is used.//

The full artical can be found here:

The section on absolute positioning is on page 4.

Arctic Monkeys At The Crocodile

Events: Submitted by Dave on 30-Mar-06 at 07:43pm

Caught the Arctic Monkeys last night at the Crocodile Cafe, Speaker Speaker opened.

The gig had been pushed on the radio all week, and tickets had sold out a month or so ago so the Croc was rammed.

Not my usual cup of tea, but they were both pretty good, and I'm a big fan of actual music, you know, with actual people using actual instruments.