New password cracking tool Dnetj and updates to John The Ripper MPI

Events: Submitted by John on 08-Aug-07 at 05:51pm

For those people wanting to crack password hashes, there is a minor update (john-1.7.2-mpi5) to the MPI cluster patch for John The Ripper available Here as well as a completely new tool called Dnetj which is available Here

Dnetj is a client/server wrapper around John The Ripper that allows the use of a central server and any number of cracking nodes, in much the same way setiathome or works.
The server loads a set of password hashes, and splits the available keyspace into "work units" of a configurable size. The clients connect and retrieve the hashes, as well as a set of work units to process. Once a client has processed some work units, it connects back to the server to submit the completed units as well as any passwords which have been cracked.
This is a very early release, and although functional there could well be bugs.

John MPI Updated

Security: Submitted by John on 20-Apr-07 at 10:40pm

A new version of John The Ripper MPI (mpi4) is now available in the tools section...
This version includes:

Support for MacOSX/Intel, this support requires SSE2, as does MacOS itself.
Support for runtime status updates (send a SIGHUP to the running john processes).
Several minor bugfixes

SynScan 3.9b2 Released, with IPv6 Support

Security: Submitted by John on 15-Nov-06 at 07:41am

Version 3.9b2 of SynScan is an early beta of the forthcoming SynScan 4.0. As far as I'm aware, this is the first half open syn-scanner with support for IPv6.